Cheap and clean energy from wind


You have a house, run a farm or perhaps a company? Electric Wind is the perfect solution for you. Wind power plant will provide you with solid and completely free supply of electricity, independently from network providers. Energy prices are rising an average of 25% per year, so if you also think it's too expensive, produce the energy on your own.

Wind power plant is a completely ecological product and does not adversely affect the environment. The European Union supports such solutions, so you can apply for partial reimbursement of the investment cost. Electric Wind power plants are characterized by high quality and ease of use. The devices are CE certified.

Examples of applications

Purchasing a wind power plant usually meets the needs of a single-family house, and it's often cheaper than connecting to the grid. Average time of investment return, depending on local conditions and plant size, is 2 to 5 years.

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*Eurostat: average 1 kWh price in Euro area equals 0,18 EUR

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